• We can help you out of your most difficult situations.

  • Offering you a helping hand when you need it most.

  • Assisting you in picking up the pieces and getting you back on the right path.

  • You are innocent until proven guilty! We offer legal representation and protection for civil & criminal cases.

  • DUI: We can help to protect your future against the negative impacts of a conviction.

  • Credit Card Defense: Relieving financial burden! Experienced in dealing with all of the large credit card plaintiff law firms.

  • Also offering defense services in battery, drug crimes, shoplifting and sex offenses.

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About Kevin J. Pratt

Expert Civil & Criminal Defense Lawyers in Georgia

Atlanta Lawyer Kevin PrattWith over 12 years of trial experience and criminal and civil defense, the attorneys at Kevin J. Pratt will fight aggressively to make sure your rights are protected and you receive the best possible results.

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Why You Should Hire Us

  • Over 12 years of combined legal experience
  • A long history of success & integrity
  • Honest and smart lawyers who actually care for their clients
  • Reasonable fees

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Best Criminal Attorney in Atlanta Atlanta Super Lawyer Best Litigation Attorney in Atlanta


  • The Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Worked With!
  • Debt Collectors' Nightmare!
  • Best Law Firm I've Ever Used!
  • Excellent Lawyer, Great Person
  • Best Call I Ever Made
"I was served with court papers a couple of years ago by a credit card company/collection agency. I called several lawyers up but all they wanted me to do was file bankruptcy which wasn’t actually looking good for my case.I finally called one lawyer who had mailed a solicitation letter to me. He also suggested bankruptcy to me. When I refused to go that route, he recommended Kevin J. Pratt to me. The lawyer told me that Kevin was the only lawyer that would go to court to defend my case with a higher probability of success because that is one of his specialties. Kevin got the case dismissed as well as won another similar case for me. His rate is very reasonable and he is considerate with his clients. I have recommended Kevin to a friend and the result was great. He won TODAY. I will hire Kevin Pratt any day. Good job!" - Tony, Debt Collection Client
"Kevin was professonial and courteous and handled my case very well. He got the debt collector to drop the lawsuit against me. I did not have to go to court either. I would retain him again as my lawyer. Good job Kevin and thanks for ending this nightmare!" - Steve, Debt Collection Client
"As a business owner, I needed a firm I could trust. Mr. Pratt always keeps us protected. He has represented our businesses in several matters, including civil cases, establishing corporate charters, and the negotiation and completion of the sale of a business. He is presently our attorney of record and registered agent for another corporation. He is readily available, and keeps me informed. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of a great lawyer." - Jeff, Business Client
"Kevin handled all aspects of legal concerns for my business, including successful court representation in a lawsuit. He remained our Attorney of record throughout the life of my business. When I sold the business, Kevin Pratt handled that transaction also. I continue to retain his services to handle all aspects of a legal nature. All around great Guy. When you call his office, you either speak to him, or hear back from him. I highly recommend him as Counsel." - Deal-A-Day, Business Client
"I was served with papers saying I was being sued by a credit card company/debt collection agency in Georgia where I used to live. Everyone was saying I must reply with an answer with the courts and show up for court. I live 900 miles away so I searched the internet again for lawyers and I found Kevin J. Pratt on the internet. They had great reviews and good information on their website. I made one call and explained my situation. Kevin looked it up and said "I can take care of this for you." Kevin stayed in touch right up to the court date. On the court date he called me and said "CASE DISMISSED!" He made my day! He was affordable made me comfortable and made it look easy. All transactions took place on the phone and email. Thanks Kevin J. Pratt!" - Fiona C., Debt Collection Client

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