Civil Lawsuit Testimonials

Excellent Lawyer, Great Person

"Kevin handled all aspects of legal concerns for my business, including successful court representation in a lawsuit. He remained our attorney of record throughout the life of my business. When I sold the business, Kevin Pratt handled that transaction also.

I continue to retain his services to handle all aspects of a legal nature. All around great guy. When you call his office, you either speak to him, or hear back from him. I highly recommend him as counsel."

Deal-A-Day, Business Client

Best Law Firm I've Ever Used!

"As a business owner, I needed a firm I could trust. Mr. Pratt always keeps us protected. He has represented our businesses in several matters, including civil cases, establishing corporate charters, and the negotiation and completion of the sale of a business.

He is presently our attorney of record and registered agent for another corporation. He is readily available and keeps me informed. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of a great lawyer."

Jeff, Business Client

Satisfied Client

"Kevin Pratt is an excellent lawyer and very dependable. Best of all, he is always available when you need him."

Nick, Credit Defense Client

Applied Knowledge Is Power

"I'd received several law office advertisements and I was in between Kevin and another law office. I'm glad I chose Mr. Pratt because not only was he very helpful with his consultation, but his rate was very reasonable as well, and the end result was in my favor. I recommend Mr. Pratt."

Another Satisfied Client

"Kevin is an excellent lawyer and is most dependable. He is always available when you need him."