Bankruptcy Testimonials

High Degree Of Personal Integrity

"Kevin represented us in a questionable debt collection case with positive results. I found Kevin to be very professional and knowledgeable in his field. In the handling of the case, he was effective and direct, while maintaining a high degree of personal integrity. I would recommend Kevin without reservation."


Best Call I Ever Made

"I was served with papers saying I was being sued by a credit card company/debt collection agency in Georgia where I used to live. Everyone was saying I must reply with an answer with the courts and show up for court. I live 900 miles away, so I searched the internet again for lawyers and I found Kevin J. Pratt. [The firm] had great reviews and good information on their website. I made one call and explained my situation. Kevin looked it up and said, "I can take care of this for you." Kevin stayed in touch right up to the court date. On the court date he called me and said, "Case dismissed!" He made my day! He was affordable, made me comfortable and made it look easy. All transactions took place on the phone and email. Thanks Kevin J. Pratt!"

Fiona C., Debt Collection Client

The Best Lawyer I've Ever Worked With

"I was served with court papers a couple of years ago by a credit card company/collection agency. I called several lawyers, but all they wanted me to do was file bankruptcy, which wasn't actually looking good for my case.

I finally called one lawyer who had mailed a solicitation letter to me. He also suggested bankruptcy to me. When I refused to go that route, he recommended Kevin J. Pratt to me. "The lawyer told me that Kevin was the only lawyer who would go to court to defend my case with a higher probability of success because that is one of his specialties. Kevin got the case dismissed, as well as won another similar case for me. His rate is very reasonable and he is considerate with his clients.

I recommended Kevin to a friend and the result was great. He won today. I will hire Kevin Pratt any day. Good job!"

Tony, Debt Collection Client

Debt Collectors' Nightmare!

"Kevin was professional and courteous and handled my case very well. He got the debt collector to drop the lawsuit against me. I did not have to go to court either. I would retain him again as my lawyer. Good job, Kevin, and thanks for ending this nightmare!"

Steve, Debt Collection Client

Made The Most Of A Difficult Situation

"Dear Kevin,

There is no way to truly thank you for walking me through such a difficult time. Things happen for a reason, and I am so glad we met. You never let me down and treated me like a long-lost family member. My interests were your interests and you pulled and fought for me as much as I did for myself. Although making the decision was extremely difficult, you never once made me feel bad about myself or my choice. In addition, you never once asked for more money even though my case a lot of times was after hours and ongoing.

With all my heart, Kevin thank you."


Judgment Dismissed

"After being having my bank account garnished for a judgment I did not even know about, I went to see an attorney about bankruptcy. Mr. Pratt asked me to go to the courthouse and get copies of the documents. I brought the documents to Mr. Pratt and the garnishment case was dismissed within a few days. He proved the judgment was not valid and that the statute of limitations had expired so they cannot try to sue me again."

Thomas C.

Saved Me From Bankruptcy

"I went to the law office of Kevin Pratt to file bankruptcy because I had been sued for an old credit card debt. Mr. Pratt asked if the lawsuit was the only reason I wanted to file. When I told him yes, he asked if he could offer the plaintiffs the amount I was going to pay for a bankruptcy to settle the case. After I told him yes, the lawsuit was settled and I did not have to file bankruptcy. When asked why he was willing to give his fee to the party that was suing me instead of just filing the bankruptcy, Mr. Pratt said that if the lawsuit was the only reason I was filing bankruptcy then trying to settle the lawsuit for a small amount was in my best interest."

Carie F.

Knowledgeable And Caring

"Kevin Pratt is a top-notch attorney who is an expert in his fields of practice. His free consultation provided options, recommendations and caring concern for my first-time need of a lawyer. My cases regarding questionable credit card debt were all dismissed. Mr. Pratt and his staff kept me fully informed at all times and made me comfortable about the legal process. I would give him 10 stars if I could!"

Great Man, Great Attorney

"Kevin is extremely good at what he does. I hired him for a credit card lawsuit. I was informed throughout my case and in the end he was able to get my case dismissed with prejudice! My consultation was free, and he was very fair in what he charged to handle my case. Kevin is a cool guy, definitely not like the stereotypical attorneys you hear of. I would recommend him to everyone. He practices all kinds of law. I will be using him in the near future for a deed. Thanks Kevin for all you do!"

Debt Collection

"Mr. Pratt and his staff were friendly and courteous professionals who handled my case in a very upfront and timely manner. The legal process was clearly explained to me and any further questions were answered promptly. He was able to get the debt collector's lawsuit against me dismissed and I did not have to go to court either! What do you have to lose? Just the phone consultation put my mind at rest! Thanks for putting the nightmare to an end!"