Both Parents Are Responsible To Provide Financial Support For Their Children

Even when you get divorced or were not married to your child's other parent, you and your child's other parent have a responsibility to financially support your children's needs. When parents do not live up to their obligations, their children may suffer. Because of this, Georgia's laws provide strict enforcement measures that can result in harsh consequences for parents failing to pay the court ordered child support.

Child support guidelines are created by the state to be as fair as possible to parents and children. Factors used to calculate child support include:

  • Both parents' income
  • How many children need support
  • Health care insurance costs
  • Child care or day care costs
  • Special medical needs
  • Special educational expenses

The family court can modify the guidelines if both parents agree or if other circumstances merit a different amount.

At Pratt & Wall, Attorneys at Law, we understand it can be difficult to secure a child support order that provides for children's needs without placing what may seem like an inequitable financial burden on parents. We can help you establish paternity if necessary. We will work to obtain the income information you need to ensure your child support is based on an accurate calculation. We will also help you address your child's special circumstances in the child support order.

Child Support Modification And Enforcement Of Child Support Orders

Our firm represents parents on either side of child support modification or enforcement matters. If your child's other parent is failing to provide the support ordered on the child support order, we can file a petition with the court. With a court order, you may be able to collect payments via the other parent's paycheck, IRS tax refund and other ways.

If you experience a substantial change in your circumstances, you may want to pursue a modification of your child support order terms. Have your financial circumstances changed? New home? New place of employment? Recently remarried? We will help determine whether those changes would warrant the court agreeing to a modification.

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