Our Attorneys Are Dedicated To Safeguarding Your Parental Rights

Every parent has a right to a meaningful relationship with their children. Unfortunately, marital disputes between parents often spill over into divorce proceedings and make agreeing about child custody difficult. These disagreements can be harmful to children when parents are not willing to settle them with their children's best interest in mind.

Georgia family courts generally favor shared parenting arrangements as the most beneficial to children. When parents cannot agree, children suffer. Getting the help of an experienced attorney can help parents effectively resolve their conflict. At Pratt & Wall, Attorneys at Law, our firm has decades of experience helping parents successfully put their children's best interest on the forefront and resolve their complicated child custody matters. We can also help you with relocation and modification issues as well. We represent clients throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Call us at 770-614-4811 to schedule a consultation with our caring family law attorneys.

Unresolved Differences Can Result In The Family Court Creating Your Parenting Plan

When parents cannot settle their disagreements on their own, the family court steps in. A judge will make your family's parenting plan and settle other matters, including:

  • Legal and physical custody arrangements
  • Which parent will have primary custody
  • The children's primary residence
  • Visitation schedules
  • Holiday visitation schedule

However, when parents are able to set aside their marital conflict and focus on their children's best interests, both parents can have an equal say in shaping their parent-child relationship after their divorce is final. Working with a trusted attorney can be helpful to expedite a personalized custody arrangement. Our attorneys have a solid reputation for successfully helping parents find middle ground to even the toughest conflicts. We can help you develop an optimal agreement for everyone involved.

Our Experienced Team Can Help You Develop Your Parenting Plan

At Pratt & Wall, Attorneys at Law, we care about your long-term relationship with your children. We understand how vital it is to mitigate any negative impact of custody proceedings. Our lawyers have the skill and experience you need to minimize the conflict and reach an agreement supporting the best interest of your children. Call 770-614-4811, or complete our online form to schedule a consultation to discuss your child custody and visitation options.