Magistrate Court Claims: Generally Considered Small Claims

Magistrate court cases in Georgia are limited to cases in which the amount sought is $15,000 or less. Claims in magistrate court are heard and decided by a judge without a jury. Frequently, these cases relate to credit card debt, or other small claims for money. Just because a claim is brought in magistrate court does not change the burden of proof. A plaintiff bringing the case must still prove the claim.

At Kevin J. Pratt & Associates, our attorneys have successfully defended countless magistrate court cases. We know the courts. We know the procedures. We know the players. Because of the vast experience we have in magistrate courts, we are able to defend these cases for a flat fee, often as low as $595.

Because our fees are so reasonable for magistrate courts throughout Georgia, we remain almost shocked that some people will still represent themselves or simply ignore the lawsuit and lose by default.

Have you been served with a lawsuit complaint in magistrate court? You have only 30 days to file a response. With such a tight time frame, you need to quickly consult a lawyer who can provide you with a quality, professional and successful defense.



To say that we take our reputation seriously is a gross understatement.

We not only defend those who have received a statement of claim in magistrate court, but we can also help these clients bring claims against others. We understand the real world and offer quality legal representation at reasonable rates. We even offer convenient payment plans in most cases.

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