Reasons To Challenge A Credit Card Lawsuit

Credit card law seems complex and intimidating to many people, and when they become the defendant in a civil lawsuit related to their credit card debt, they offer little resistance. This is a mistake. Our judicial system is structured to protect the rights of the defendant, and the party bringing the lawsuit must prove its case in order to win.

The firm of Pratt & Wall, Attorneys at Law, have provided positive results for many clients facing credit card lawsuits. He can intervene as soon as you have been served with the suit and investigate the creditor's case against you. He understands the deadlines and procedures associated with this type of civil litigation and will help you avoid missed opportunities to achieve an optimal outcome.

If you think you may have been sued, contact an attorney immediately. You only have 30 days to file a timely response to the lawsuit and protect your rights.

Why Defend Yourself Against A Credit Card Lawsuit?

By the time you receive a notice related to credit card litigation, you may feel worn down by constant mails or phone calls from collections agents. However, ignoring lawsuits will never reduce the amount the plaintiff claims that you owe.

Another reason to hire an attorney to fight the lawsuit is that you may not even owe the money to the plaintiff. Some situations in which this is true include:

  • Your debt may have been sold and the company suing you does not actually own your debt.
  • Your debt may have been sold multiple times clearly, you only are required to pay it once.
  • You may have signed an invalid credit contract and someone other than you may owe the money.
  • You may have been the victim of identity theft. Even if you did not immediately object to the misuse of your card, the plaintiff may still not be able to meet its burden for proving you owe the money.

The laws recently changed to make it easier for credit card companies to prove their case against a defendant. Mr. Pratt does not agree with the way some courts are applying the new law. The issue has not yet been appealed. He is looking forward to finding the right case to take to the court of appeals and get a ruling that the credit card plaintiff's attorneys cannot simply admit documents with no witness to prove their case.

Our Firm Works With You To Achieve The Best Possible Results

Our law firm has a great deal of experience with all of the large credit card plaintiff law firms in this state. They are very aware that our firm also files bankruptcies. We believe that we get better deals and better results in our credit card defense cases because the other side understands that it will simply be wasting resources to pursue a credit card debt when our firm is defending the case. Our attorney and his staff will seek affirmative legal defenses, which may enable you to win your case, no matter what the plaintiff's evidence shows.

One of our biggest goals is to help you answer your lawsuit. This avoids a default judgment being entered against them. If you seek our firm's help to defend yourself in a credit card lawsuit, even if you do not win, the judgment amount will be lower than if you had simply allowed the plaintiff to obtain a default judgment.

We Protect Your Rights, In Or Out Of Court

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