Why You Need To Defend Against Any Civil Lawsuit

Even if you believe that you may owe money, you should always defend yourself against a civil debt-related lawsuit. The law offers protections and requires that the party bringing the claim prove its case. You need to speak with an attorney to evaluate your case and learn about available defenses and likely outcomes.

If there were flaws with the initial contract, you might not owe money. The debt might be so old that a lawsuit is barred by the statute of limitations. In cases of identity theft, a creditor might ignore the fact that it was not you and maintain a lawsuit against you. You have to defend the case or risk losing even when you know you are right.

The lawyers at Kevin J. Pratt & Associates have experience defending clients against almost all types of civil lawsuits. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars. After reviewing your case, we will explain all your available legal options and provide a reasonable opinion as to the likely outcome of your case. Our attorneys are often able to negotiate favorable results, but have the skill to take a case to trial when required.

We strive to make the legal process as easy as possible for our clients. We offer free initial consultations and accept payment plans.

The Benefit Of Hiring An Experienced Civil Defense Attorney

Georgia's court rules, civil procedure and evidence rules and requirements are complicated and unforgiving. Failing to raise an issue in a timely manner may cause you to waive a valid and potentially successful defense. Mistakes such as filing documents even one day late or misreading a summons or notice can be detrimental to your defense. Failing to answer a lawsuit in a timely fashion will unquestionably result in a default judgment.

People often say, "I never got notice of court." That is true. If you are served with a lawsuit and you do not do what is required to indicate you are denying the claim and presenting a defense, you actually waive your right to receive any further notices.

Our lawyers have handled these types of claims for almost a decade and a half. We know the affirmative defenses and evidence needed to win a case. You can read what some of our past clients have to say.

Avoid Mistakes — Contact Our Experienced Attorneys As Soon As Possible

Even if you think there is no defense in your case, you may be surprised at what we can do to defend your rights. You need a strong civil lawsuit defense when faced with a debt collection lawsuit. Our professional and knowledgeable attorneys can help. Schedule a free initial consultation by sending us an email or calling 770-614-4811. With offices in Suwanee and Atlanta, we work with people across the region.